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Is AiM a form within the Materials Managment Department

NO. AiM is a Facilities department work order request form.

Tables and chairs in the Quad

What should I do if I need a table and/or chair for a set up in the Quad?

Submit an online form Requesting Tables and Chairs ( ) for an Event.  We require 72 hours minimum notice (that's 3 work days) to provide services for your events.

What are the MM&L rates?

MM&L Labor Rates

Materials Management & Logistics (MM&L) services are billed on labor charges associated with the performance of work done by MM&L Warehouse Workers.  These charges are based on labor rates which include direct salary costs, vacation and sick leave benefits, and materials and vehicle overhead.  The current rate is $25 per hour per man.  Work performed after normal work hrs. (8-5, M-F) and/or on weekends will be based on a time and a half rate.  There is a minimum charge of one hour and one man or $25.  The total time of the service starts and ends at the University Distribution Center (UDC) building.

Missing Inventory Tags

What should I do if I have an item that needs an inventory tag?

Contact Property Management by phone at 245-2709 or E-mail us at with the building, room number and contact's name and phone number. One of our field reps will come and tag it after we receive this information.

Missing Equipment

What do I do if I can't find a piece of equipment that is listed in my departmental inventory?

If you have diligently looked for the item without success, report suspected, actual losses, or theft first to the University Police Department. To report the theft, complete a Stolen Property Notification Report Form D, and forward it with the proper signatures to Materials Management. To report a missing item, complete a Missing or Damaged Property Notification Form C.

Transfer Equipment

What do I do if I transferred a piece of equipment, but it still appears on my inventory?

Send a copy of the Equipment Transfer Form to Property Management, so the records can be researched and updated.

Look Up Help

Can you look up an inventory number for me?

Sure! Or, to make it easier for you, if you have access to the SAP FI display role, transaction "AS03" can be used to look up inventory numbers. If you do not have access to AS03, or cannot access the information, contact Property Management at 245-2709 for assistance.

Grant Equipment

What if equipment was purchased with grant funds and the grant was closed?

The equipment should be transferred to the departmental account. Use the Equipment Transfer Form